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Water Flosser, Dental Oral Irrigator for Teeth/Braces,10 Pressure Levels Water Pick Teeth Cleaner 8 Water Jet Tips for Family, 600ML Electric Water Dental Flosser (Black)

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  • Remove Dental Plaque and Reduce Gingivitis: oral irrigator improves gum health up to 60% compared with toothbrush, toothpick or floss which can’t completely clean the hidden parts. With powerful pulsations, it can more efficiently remove food debris and massage your gum, prevent tooth decay, gingivitis, dental calculus, periodontitis and bad breath.
  • 8 Dental Water Jet Tips for Family Use: comes with 3 ordinary high-pressure tips and 5 special-use jet tips (1 Orthodontic Tip, 1 Tongue Cleaner Tip, 1 Periodontal Tip, 1 Dental Plaque Tip, 1 Toothbrush Tip). Different jet nozzles can deeply and hygienically clean up dental plaque or food debris between your teeth and gum which is hard to clean with toothbrush or flossing.
  • 10 Adjustable Water Pressure Settings: high-efficiency water pulse: 1250-1700 times/min (range of 30-125 PSI to avoid sudden jetting in the process of flossing) to find the most comfortable pressure setting for each family member. Pressure 1-4 for kids and those with sensitive teeth and the beginners. Medium pressure 5-6 settings are best for most people. High pressure 7-10 settings for adults and experienced users.
  • 600ML Large Water Tank and Leakproof Design: The water flossing with 1-meter flexible imported hose has 600ml capacity for 90 seconds' uninterrupted water flow. Easily control water flow with on/off switch on the handle, no more finding the button awkwardly. Leakproof design will ensure no liquid leaks when you use it. The 360° rotation jet nozzle can reach all areas of the mouth and removes 99% of all plaque.
  • Usage Technique and Service: When the water current and your gum are at a 90-degree angle, slightly close your lips to avoid the water spraying out, then let the water flow into the sink from the corner of your mouth. Our water flosser with FDA, CE, FCC, RoHS, etc certification support 1 year quality commitment and lifetime after-sale service via e-mails.

Product description

Color: Black

How to use Water Dental Oral Irrigator :
Add water into the reservoir, close the lid to avoid the water spillover.
Plug the jet tips which you need in the handle.
Rotate the switch of water pressure to choose the most appropriate strength.
Aim the tip at teeth graces, gumline or tongue.
Switch ON of the handle to clean your mouth.
Put the handle back to the slot and clean the tips into the top case.

Warm Notice:
1.Don't let the water aim at the throat or eyes.
2.Could be filled with warm water or add mouthwash.
3.You had better close most of your mouth to avoid the water spray off.
4.Change new nozzles every 3 months is healthier.
5.Soft mode would be recommended for first-time users or sensitive teeth. After adapting to it, you can use the other mode you want.
6.Do NOT mix mouthwash in the reservoir, you risk creating a jam or clog in the hose or machine. If you are sharing this machine with your family, make sure you each use separate attachments, for proper hygiene

The pressure in different jet tips are different:
1. There is no pressure on the toothbrush tip, whose function is to clean the residue on the teeth.
2. The Tongue Cleaner Tip is also in no pressure since the function is to clean your tongue, if the pressure is too high, your tongue will be hurt.
3. Other jet tips are all with different high pressure, you can choose the comfortable pressure.

If there is no water coming out:
1)please check if the rubber plug in the tank is in the right direction;
2)Please add more water inside the tank to make sure the pressure is enough. If you take the water tank out and add water, press the rubber stopper to make sure the water won’t flow out from the bottom.