Drinks That Affect Your Teeth

drinks that affect your teeth

Teeth Friendly Choices

Your teeth will love you when you choose to drink these beverages. Of all the liquids you can have in your diet make sure these are the dominant choice.


For beverage lovers, it's really hard to replace them with water. But drinking water can take away the adhesions on your teeth and also help your salivary glands perform at their best, reducing harmful bacteria on your teeth. This helps you to have better oral health and less smelly breath.  


Milk is high in calcium which is important for strong teeth. In addition, milk and dairy products contain proteins called caseins that coat your teeth and protect them from acid-producing bacteria. While milk does contain natural sugars, regular dental care makes it a non-issue.

Damage Your Teeth Choices

The following drinks could be doing some serious damage to your teeth without you even realizing it!


You have probably been told that sugar is bad for your teeth. Excessively sugary drinks can cause bits of sugar to get wedged between your teeth or your teeth and gums. Once it’s stuck there bacteria find it and they begin to munch away on the sugar and your tooth, forming a cavity.

Acid Drink

Many drinks, like diet soda, contain acid that will break down your enamel and try to destroy your poor gums. Whether it’s carbonic acid found in carbonated beverages or citric acid found in juice, they all work against your goal for oral health.

Many people believe that clear drinks and white wine aren't bad for your teeth. This is not the case. While it is true that darker sodas and red wine may stain teeth easier, their more translucent counterparts still lead to staining. The acid in these drinks tends to break down your enamel, leaving your teeth wide open for staining from dark-colored food and beverages.

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol won’t do any direct damage to your teeth. But, it does tend to dry out the mouth, leaving less saliva to remove the plaque and bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease.

You don’t have to give up your favorite beverages, but it’s important to drink them in moderation; flushing with water flosser can also help. Take the right precautions so that you can enjoy your drink as well as a healthy grin!

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