Friendly Snacks for Your Teeth

If you practice good oral hygiene, you brush your teeth every morning and night. But in between, you'll eat a variety of snacks which will affect your tooth and gum health. Here are foods listed below that can, in some ways, improve your dental health.

friendly snack for your teeth


Cheese, child's favorite snacks, ontains beneficial nutrients like calcium and protein that help build tooth enamel and strengthen teeth. Chewing cheese can increase saliva in the mouth, which helps lower plaque build-up. Warm notice, read the package carefully before purchasing the cheese. If it says processed cheese product, it is not a good choice to have and may be full of sugar and chemicals.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Here, eat apple to keep the dentist away. The apples are packed full of nutrients and vitamins, making them great for your teeth and gums. The crunchy, fibrous meat of the aplle also encourages saliva production, which decreasing your chance of getting cavities by washing away food particles and acid build-up from the sugar. Keep in mind, this does not replace water flossing or brushing.


Carrots are a great snack, have the same crunchy food benefits of breaking up plaque and helping us salivate. It is very good for your teeth, providing nutrients like keratin and vitamin A to strengthen teeth enamel and break down plaque.


Nuts are another type of food for healthy teeth and gums. For example, nuts of almonds, are a good source of calcium and protein while low in sugar. Nuts have a long shelf life, keep a can for your desk or car, will help you stay fuller between meals.

Sugarless Gum

Okay, this isn’t really a snack that’s also beneficial. Chewing on xylitol gum helps you salivate more, helping to clean your mouth. Xylitol gum contain artificial sweetener which is a natural plaque repellant, because the molecular makeup prevents plaque’s ability to build up and stick to your teeth.

Note: After eating snacks, to make and keep teeth healthier, the Turewell power Irrigator can not be missed.It can efficiently remove food particles and debris found between the teeth and gum efficiently, so that helps you to stay away from dentists

Healthy snack choices can go a long way to reduce the risk of cavities, infection, and disease. Make sure that the snack you eat will not just make your smile look good, but make you dental health.

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