How to Properly Care for Your Water Flosser

Generally speaking, the manual of an water flosser may only teach you how to use it properly, but rarely mention how to care it. You may also not realize that water and other substances may be deposited inside the water flosser tips, which can affect the pressure and cleaning effectiveness. If you want to make it work and protect your teeth, you can take the following steps to keep the water flosser clean and ready to tackle its job.

How to Properly Care for Your Water Flosser

Empty the Tank of Water

Continue to use the water flosser after use until there is no water in the tank and none is ejected from the tip. When the water is gone, allow the unit to continue running for about 3-8 seconds, to remove any residual water.

Dry out the Unit

Using a paper or clean cloth wipe over the exterior, like handle, hose and tank to lift any dust, grime or moisture. Lift the tank off the unit or position it in such a way that air is more easily able to reach the underside of the water tank. If your tank has a lid, you may want to open this for air to flow inside, dry out the parts and reduce the chances of bacteria buildup.

Store in a Dry Position in the Open

Do not leave the unit in a place where it may not dry out, as wet unit tend to harbor bacteria and mold. You want your unit to air dry to get rid of any bacteria that are killed by the air. Keeping it in dry position will help it to drain and dry more quickly. Always make sure to air dry your unit before packing it for a vacation.

Replace every 3-6 Months

It is recommended that you replace your water flossel nozzles every 3-6 months. This prevents excessive bacteria buildup on your nozzles.

Warm Notices

  • Unless specifically necessary, ensure the flosser is disconnected from the power supply before cleaning.
  • Do not mix mouthwash in the tank, you risk creating a jam or clog in the hose or machine.
  • If you are sharing this machine with your family, make sure you each use separate attachments, for proper hygiene.

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