How Do Smartwatch Monitor Heart Rate

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In recent years,with the advancements in the technology,the smart watch keep on packing more features than ever.From merely showing the current time (and date), the wrist watch now have the capability to show your messages ,incoming calls,and other notifications(Facebook,WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc), track your steps and other activities, even monitor your health! So at this point,we will be wondering how the watch monitors heart rate.

Monitor Heart Rate Working Principle

For most brands,the smart watch uses a technology called photoplethysmography(PPG) to measure heart rate.It’s essentially testing how much red or green light it can see when looking at the skin on your wrist. Mainly,the blood beneath the skin reflects the red light and absorbs green light,so when your heart beats, there’s more blood flow in your wrist, and more green light absorption,between heartbeats, there’s less absorption of the green light.By flashing its LED lights hundreds of times per second,the can calculate the number of times the heart beats each minute — your heart rate.

Why Monitor the Heart Rate?

Smart watch that monitor your heart rate can help you maximize the effect of your exercise. By monitoring your heart rate, you can gain improvement during high-intensity exercise, push limit, and ensure that you get enough rest and recovery after exercise. In the long term, paying attention to your heart rate can help you discover what makes your heart beat faster: exercise, stress, anger, and more information about cardiovascular health.Wearable devices not only can track heart rate but also improve the accuracy of other health data, such as sleep, calorie consumption, stress level and maximum VO2 (estimate the maximum amount of oxygen used during exercise).

How to Improve the Accuracy of  Heart Rate Measurement?

Make sure that the smart watch is tightly attached to the wrist and not loose, but not too tight to avoid affecting blood circulation.
Avoid wearing the smart watch on wrist with dark tattoos.
Confirm that the smart watch software is the newest version.


In the specifications of Yagala smart watch, can automatically and continuously track heart rate from the wrist making it beneficial for monitoring health data and workout intensity throughout the day.

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