How to Decorate with Weily LED Stript Lights

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Today,LED strip lights have caught the attention of most designers and people who are fond of home decorating.If you'd like your lights to look professional and really elevate the mood and tone of a room,read on. In this blog, we will explore the popular trend and how you can successfully implement Weily LED strip lights in your home.

weily led strip light

Upgrade your Kitchen with led light srtip

Irrespective of the style,theme and size of your kitchen,lighting is undoubtedly what makes or breaks its appeal. Add LED strips & profiles to the undersides of your overhead cabinetry to create a gentle spotlight on your kitchen countertops. Similarly, adding led light strips at the back of your shelving can light up the dim area in a highly professional manner. As the kitchen is the heart of a home, it is worth considering led light sources to create appropriate ambience.

decorate with led strip lights

Decorate your bedroom with led strip light

The bedroom should be a best place to rest and relax after a stressful day. Bedroom lighting, in addition to providing a soft light source that allows people to fall asleep peacefully, also helps to relieve the fatigue caused by an intense working and personal life, to create a relaxing home environment. In this situation LED strip lights can be a good choice.Enhance the feeling of sanctuary by using led strip lights in warm or cool toned whites to create flattering silhouettes against feature walls, bed heads, under the bed and/or behind the TV. 

Outline Outdoor flowerbeds with LED strip light

flowerbed with led lights

Outdoor LED strips can help you highlight your favorite outdoor features, designate specific areas with light, set the mood for an evening outside, or simply extend your living space. For the stair area, you can highlight steps and create atmosphere by using strip lighting. Not only will it add to the aesthetic of your outdoor space, but it will help you see where you’re walking if it’s dark outside.Similarly, If you have flowerbeds around the perimeter of your outdoor space, line them with LED strip lighting. As the sun sets, you can turn the lights on to cast complementary colors over them, highlighting your beautiful blooms and creating a unique lighting effect in your garden. 

How to connect the led strip lights?

how to connect the led strip light


  1. Please clean the surface ,and ensure that the adhesive surface is smooth, flat and dry before installing the light strips.
  2. The led light strips are waterproof,but the adapter and control box are not,please do not use them in water.
  3. When you need to cut the strips,please make sure the power off first,and please cut along the scissor mark on the light strips.
  4. Please remove the transparent plastic film inside the remote control before use it,and the remote control distance is 5m.

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