FAQ of Yagala Smartwatch

faq yagala smart watch

yagala smart watch

Q1: The Smartwatch can not receive the reminder

A1: Android phone settings: At first,make sure the APP has an alert switch on.Secondly, confirm whether the message can be displayed normally on the notification bar, and the notification push of the smart watch can be read mobile phone notification message; If there is no message in the notification bar, the watch will no receive the push.(Need find notification and status bar in mobile phone settings, and open Facebook,WhatsApp, Instagram,phone. ).Finally,open the APP --> click other settings --> click auxiliary function --> open the do fit watch.

Apple phone setting: At first, make sure to select the allowed pairing when connecting the smart watch.can be checked in the phone settings - bluetooth, if there is one at the backend of the connected device, indicating that a pairing has been made. If there is no in the backend,there is no pairing, reconnecting after unbind. Secondly, open the phone settings --> open the permission notice. Displayed in the " notification center".

Q2: Android phones don't connect the smartwatch

A2: For Android phones, Please do not connect with the smart watch directly in the bludetooth of the phone.Download the APP firstly, and go to the APP to search the device and connect,restart your phone's bluetooth and smart watch if necessary.

Q3: Is the smartwatch waterproof? Can I wear it to take a shower or swim?

A3: It is just life waterproof, please do not wear it while taking a shower or swimming.

Q4: Can this watch monitor sleep? Accurate?

A4: Yagala smart watch can accurately monitor your sleep time from three levels: awake sleep, light sleep, and deep sleep.

Q5: Do your smartwatch support battery replacement?

A5: Sorry, Yagala smartwatch don't support battery replacement.

Q6: How to change watch interface?

A6: Swipe left and right, down and up to change the interface. Short press the button on the right to return the previous interface, long press to start the watch or exist the function.

Q7: How to deal with when receiving the broken watch?

A7: Please turn to the Yagala for help. Please contact customer service for a refund or replacement. thanks for the understanding.


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