Getting Start with Yagala Smartwatch

yagala smart watch

This guide covers the initial Yagala smart watch setup process including how to connect your watch to your phone and apps you should download.

yagala smart watch


smart watch appearance

Smart watch Charging


1.Match the charging clip to the charging hole of the smart watch,and plug the other end into the computer USB or mobile phone.(Note:Do not chare with a power adapter whose output current exceeds 2A.Otherwise,the watch circuit may be burnt,resulting in can't charge.)

2.Do not clip the charging clip in the opposite direction when charging the watch.Pleasebe sure to follow the picture below for charging.

yagala smartwatch charging

Functions Introduction

  • Smart watch time: show watch time,date,calories,etc.
  • Steps: recore the current number of steps of the smart watch,calories and distance.
  • Sports informations: the watch shows the most recent movement information such as motion mode, time heart rate, etc.
  • Sleep: the watch records and shows the total sleep time you had last night, as well as deep sleep time, light sleep time. More detailed information analysis and data record can be viewed in the APP synchronously.
  • Weather information: the weather page will display current weather, air quality information, and conditions for tomorrow. This function works must connetc to the APP,and the phone must open GPS positioning, and allow the APP to have access to the phone's location. If you disconnetc or turn off your phone's GPS for a long time, the weather information will not be updated.
  • Message notification: the smart watch can recieve phone calls, text messages, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and other notifications and alerts on the phone, and the corresponding push project switch can be opened on the APP. This page can store the last 3 message records. Note that this function should be connected to the smart watch in the APP and the settings should be completed according to the prompts.Apple's phone, when connected, have to select match in a pop-up match request.
  • Blood oxygen: long press in the blood oxygen page can measure your current blood oxygen value. This page can display the data of the latest 7 times blood oxygen tests. More detailed information analysis and data can be viewed in the APP synchronously.
  • Exercise: long press in the exercise page, the corresponding sports mode can be selected for measurement. This product support 8 sports modes such as walking, running, cycling and jumping rope. The last exercise information can be displayed on the exercise page.
  • Heart rate: the length of the heart rate page in the hand ring can measure your current heart rate. The latest 7 heart rate measurements can be displayed on this page. More detailed information analysis and data record can be viewed in the APP synchronously
  • Blood Pressure : the blood pressure page of the yagala smart watch can measure your current blood pressure. This page can display the latest 7 times blood pressure measurements. More detailed information analysis and data can be viewed in the APP synchronously
  • Setting: on this page, long press to select other function settings, including stopwatch/ mute/ brightness adjustment/ restore factory settings/ shutdown.
  • Stopwatch: the clock can be started with a long press on the stopwatch page. Long press again to end the time.
  • Take photo control: after connecting to the APP, the smart watch can be used as the remote control of the phone camera. Open the camera on the phone, and long press the touch screen to take photos.
  • Music control: after connecting to the APP, the watch can control the play/ pause/ play of music player on the mobile phone. This function must open the mobile phone player before you can control on the smart watch.

Smart Watch APP Installation

Yagala smart watch is a wireless transmission product, and many functions need to be connected with the supporting APP before it can be used.

Smart Watch Connection Process

Note: when the phone is connected to the watch, it needs to keep the bluetooth of the phone open, and there is no other matching device in the bluetooth of the phone. 

smart watch connection process

APP Operation Instructions

1.Enter the APP movement page and press your phone screen to pull down and refresh the watch data.

2.Click the steps, sleep and other blocks, and enter the analysis of the daily or recent exercise and sleep data.

smart watch sleep data

3.Click the exercise heart rate/ blood pressure blocks to enter the data of the day or recent, or click the APP to measure the heart rate and blood pressure. The test data will be automatically saved to the phone.

heart rate and blood pressure data


Do not charge in condition of water stains.
This product is an electronic monitoring product, which is not used as medical treatment. The data is for reference only.
Don't wear this device when bathing or swimming for a long time.
Use the matching charging cable for charging.


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