Pergola Outdoor Decor Ideas

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the world, put down the heavy workload, and find a piece of peace in the bustle of life. It is good to have an escape that takes you away from it all. Of course, most of us can't afford a weekend vacation home and having a serene area to rest and relax in the backyard is the perfect alternative. And having a pergola really ‘completes’ your serene getaway at home! Pergolas are easy and inexpensive to decorate because you can easily attach and hang accessories on them. Not to mention, pergola decorations typically don’t cost a lot of money.

So Here’s My Top 5 List of Pergola Accessories:

Strip Lights: Stringing lights is one of the top ways that add lighting to a pergola. Close to electrical outlets or have built in outlets attached to the structure, and then stringing pretty colorful lights on the pergola railings to creates a dreamy and cozy atmosphere. Weily smart Led strip lights Kit has 360 premium 5050 SMD Leds in 65.6ft(2x10M) with dimmer and brightness controls,with 24-key Remote Controller, It has RGB(Red, Green, Blue) and white, 16 multicolored options and so many static and dynamic color modes,5 grades brightness from dim to bright can create your own mood lighting ambience.

pergola led strip light

Furniture: Your first step in designing the space beneath your pergola is choosing outdoor furniture that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Unless you plan the piece to only be a visual accent, you’ll want to include seating into the space. If you’re willing to invest in quality, you can find outdoor tables and chairs that boost your outdoor style while being able to stand up to the elements. We recommend using the color of the furniture to play against the pergola color for an intriguing, multi-faceted look.

Plants: This is another classic pergola decorating idea. Bringing the beauty and color of plant to your pergola not only create an attractive backdrop, but also lower your stress levels. Since the vast majority of pergolas have an open roof, this allows plants that need direct sunlight to flourish. The most popular way you’ll see this trend accomplished is by hanging basket plants from the pergola lattice. This is a natural way to display your green thumb while bringing color front and center. Another way to incorporate plants as pergola decorations is by having potters spaced around the posts.

Outdoor Curtain: Decorate your pergola while making your backyard free from potentially prying eyes. Outdoor curtains can be a perfect, low-cost solution to patio privacy. They also add a certain level of ambiance and style to your backyard and help to extend the indoors out.

pergola outdoor curtain

Paint: The color of your pergola is one of the biggest factors in the style and is one of the first things people will notice about it. If you have a wooden pergola, you have the option to completely change the color every few years by adding a fresh coat! This is a pergola decorating idea that will make a massive splash in your outdoor living style — and will keep your wood pergola protected against the elements!

My Closing Thoughts on Selecting Pergola Decorations:
When choosing pergola accessories, evaluate function as well as aesthetics. You get more bang for your buck that way, and you can create a relaxing and usable space that you really enjoy.

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