Color Changing LED Light Are the Way to Go

The newfound ambiance on your home can't be ignored: it was all due to the LED strip lights you just installed.

As you sit there, relaxing and drinking a nice glass of your favorite beverage, you will find that your kitchen is so advanced and marvel at how the atmosphere has changed on your kitchen. To achieve this ambience you are seeking is the color changing LED light.

Maybe you are planning to add more extra flair to your home, but according to research, home renovation prices increased by 50% during COVID-19.

Color changing LED strips are a perfect way to add beauty to your home without spending big bucks. That's why color LED light strips are the way to go!

appealing color led kitchen lighting

How Color Changing LED Strip Lights Work

You might think you know how LED lights work, but it's not as simple as using every color LED light to make those colors happen. There is a science behind it involving what color wavelengths our eyes are used to. 

Red, green, and blue are basic color, help LED lights to create different colors. A purple color is a combination of red and blue lights. If you're wanting yellow, that's red and green combined.

This happens when you control your light to either request the color you want. The LED lights are programmed to do the rest and change to different colors. 

The Different Colors

One of the most intriguing features of color-changing LED lights is their ability to change to different colors! Smart LED strip lights Kit has 360 premium 5050 SMD Leds with dimmer and brightness controls,with 24-key Remote Controller, It has RGB(Red, Green, Blue) and white, 16 multicolored options and so many static and dynamic color modes,5 grades brightness from dim to bright can create your own mood lighting ambience. There is also the speed factor to think about.

The Color Changing Speed

If you're going for a party vibe, having the lights sync with the music will accomplish that goal. Built-in high sensitivity mic,the LED lights are synchronized with any rhythm music, colors and speed automatically adjusted base on the rhythm and melody,or beats of music or hands claps. It will leave you and your potential guests with a sense of wonder and will allow the mood to change more naturally.

The Moods of Color Changing Lights

Consider the mood you want when installing color changing lights. Different colors have different moods to them, which can impact the perception of the room. 

Go for red if you're looking for a mood of passion or love. If if you're feeling down and sadness, then go for the color blue which represent calmness and serenity.

Purple for creativity, yellow for happiness. Go for the color orange if you want an energized mood. Green means vitality, may also encourage you to pump yourself up to start something new.

The moods of color-changing lights are derived from the colors themselves. You can always change the color of the lights depending on how your mood changes or even what aesthetic you're looking to have from the lights. 

The Room Aesthetic with LED Light Strip

The room aesthetic of color-changing LED strip lights is vital as well. If you put the LED strip light in the wrong place or using the wrong color, it will affect the lighting of room and reduce the utility.

Consider whether you'd like to light the room from above or below with LED rope lights. If you install them on the ceiling, your light will reflect downward on yourself and other furniture or objects around it.

Attaching from below kitchen cabinets, you'll illuminate counter space and the adjacent walls. 

Another cool room decoration to consider is putting LED light strips on shelves too. You can put light strips there to illuminate the shelves for an ethereal look to your books or other possessions on display.

Pick Your Prime Location

It's time to decide your prime location for your LED strip lights. Now you understand how they work, the different moods, and the differing room aesthetic you can have using color-changing LED rope lights. 

Asking yourself following questions will help you decide where to place your LED lights:

  • What is your mood now?
  • What kind of light do you want to display?
  • How do you want to upgrade the original lighting in the room to something more eye-catching?

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