Remodeling Kitchen with LED Light

The goal of remodeling an old kitchen or designing a new one is to find the perfect balance between aesthetics, practicality and affordability. Regardless of the size, style and theme of the kitchen, lighting is undoubtedly what makes or breaks its appeal. Combined with the convenience, versatility and colorfulness of LED lighting, it has become a popular trend in modern kitchens.

LED lighting has been around for a while, but strip lights have certainly taken these lighting fixtures to a whole new level. These adaptable lights can illuminate even the most awkward corners and can easily be incorporated into the design of an existing kitchen. From beautiful shelves and cabinets to functional countertops, LED strip lights can be used anywhere.

Under Cabinet LED Strip Lighting

Kitchen storage is the first thing we have to consider when renovating a kitchen. Therefore cabinets are a necessity in most kitchens. But what enhances the kitchen is the under cabinet LED strip lighting, and you can easily place these strip lights above or below the cabinets, bring the kitchen backsplash alive without ever getting in the way!

kitchen cabinet LED light

LED Lighting for Kitchen Shelves

The next most popular option when it comes to using LED strips in the kitchen are shelves. Glass shelves with LED strips have a certain surreal appeal that transforms them into instant focal points. Strip lights also allow you to illuminate each individual shelf, perfectly lighting even the lowest shelf, thus eliminating the possibility of any unsightly shadows. Whether you're displaying dinnerware or just styling a beautiful back wall, LED strips and kitchen shelves are a perfect match for design heaven!

Connecting the Kitchen with Living Space

Are you thinking about how to extend the aesthetics of your living room into your kitchen without changing too much? LED strip lighting is a fun and chic option that can do just that without trying too hard. Simply use matching lights on living room shelves, entertainment areas, dining room backsplashes, and kitchen cabinets, to create an even lighting scheme. Rather than using loads of LED lighting, subtly highlight the right architectural features and create visual connections.

Lighting the Smart Kitchen

When buying kitchen lighting fixtures, don't limit yourself to just pendant lights that hang in the main part of your kitchen. Also consider using led strip lights to create a sleek and diverse modern kitchen. Compared to traditional fixtures, LED strip lights are smarter and can be compatible with Alexa and Google assistant, free your hands to control the lights,just speak out what you want, Alexa or Google assistant will follow the order,ssuch as turn on/off, change colors, lightness and scenes.You don’t need to find the phone or the controller, the light strip will be controlled directly by your voice. So why wait to get on the LED bandwagon?

Alexa assistant led strip light

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