Bar LED Strip Lights

If you own a bar room in your home, LED light strips are certainly an essential bar decoration. LED light strips are affordable and practical. A simple light strip can have a dramatic effect on the entire bar; no matter you want to sit in a bar to eat a light meal or enjoy a romantic drink with your partner in the evening, it is the leisure time for young people after a busy working day. With just one LED light strip, you can easily transform your bar into a beautiful scenery in your room.

There are so many types of LED strips, such as WiFi led strips, bluetooth led strips and so on. At this time, you will may be curious that how to choose a strip that is suitable for your bar? It’s simple: all you need to do is work out what effect you want. Do you wish to create different lighting effects? Or would you prefer a light that synchronized with any rhythm music? How about a light strip that stick around the entire bar? Don’t worry. All these things easily come true.

bar led strip light

Choose Desired Color

In terms of color, LED strips can be divided into color strips and single color strips. RGB light strips are the most common among color light strips. You can place RGB light strips around your bar and produce different colors at different times to bring out the atmosphere.

Single color light strips generally include warm white, daylight white, neutral white and others. While they cannot produce other colors, the brightness of led strip lights is adjustable to achieve different effects. In terms of home decoration, you can decide on a color based on the overall design style of your interior environment. A warm white light strip creates a warm atmosphere, while a daylight white light strip has a more modern feel.

Dynamic Music Mode

Apart from lighting, music is definitely the most important feature in a bar. A musical LED light strip can synchronize with the frequency of music and flash along with the beat of music. If a dynamic dance song is playing in the bar, the light frequency will jump quickly; if you change the music to a soothing slow song, the light frequency will slow down accordingly. This musical light strip comes with a built-in microphone, which automatically detects the rhythm of the music. As long as the music mode is turned on, no operation is required once the color light setting has been adjusted, which is very convenient.

Determine Right Length

In general, each bar table differs in length. Whether it is a club bar or a kitchen bar, you should select the appropriate length. When choosing the right LED strip for your bar, you should first measure the length carefully to avoid wastage. Of course, if you purchase a light strip that is slightly longer, you can cut the extra part along the cut mark and this will not affect its use.

Recommended LED Strip Lights for a Bar

Weily WiFi Music Sync RGB LED Strip Lights

WiFi music led strip light

The music sync led strip light is synchronized with any rhythm music coming out of phone speaker or any other speaker in room, and dance the lights along with beats of music or hands claps, colors and speed automatically adjusting base on the rhythm and melody,use it to make your environment alive!

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