Genius Hacks for LED Strip Light

LED have revolutionised the way we can illuminate our homes. Cost-effective LED light bulbs are attached to stripes, which can be easily sticked to almost anything to create stunning results.Check out these ideas to use LED strip lights in ways you've never thought of before…

Declutter Home Office

Downlighting a desk with LED strip lights will add a realistic end to your domestic office. Mounted beneath cabinets or shelving they will create energy-saving assignment lights whilst maintaining your desk area clear from a traditional desk lamp. Another thought is to use them round a be notice board to spotlight your agenda for the day.

Spice Up Bedroom

bedroom purple design

LED strip lights can make DIY projects look ultra-striking. LED lights are connected behind the tables so are completely hidden from view. When backlit, the high gloss red surface truly shines.

Accentuate Stairs

Get a look that's sleek, modern and practical for night-time wandering by adding LED strips along with the modern staircase. The hallway is a great place to have enjoyable so why not make a incredible atmosphere by choosing a variable colour such as this teal blue or even go for colour changeable LED strip lights?

Enhance Kitchen Recess

kitchen creative lighting

Combine shape and feature with the aid of putting in smart LED lights into the recess areas of kitchens. When teamed with different kitchen lighting fixtures solutions, they act as purposeful and realistic undertaking lights for cooking and cleansing whilst additionally developing a charming atmosphere.

Make Outdoor Steps Visible

Welcome friends up the backyard route with inviting LED strips set beneath the stone treads of the front doorsteps. The structured and luminous glow will mild the way to the door and make your entrance seem excellent stylish, developing immediately kerb appeal.

Brighten Dark Corners

brighten dark corners

WiFi LED strip lights can be easily cut to size by guiding or connected to fit perfectly under pieces of furniture, so it looks as though your accent lighting has been expensively custom made. You don’t need to find the phone or the controller or bending down to switch them on, the light strip will be controlled directly by your voice. Placing LED light strips under cabinets and dressers will maximise the feeling of space.

Make Bunk Beds Fun

fun lighting bedroom

Children and young adults love to decor their personal spaces, and this vibrant LED-lit area is positive to appeal. Combine a band of crimson LED strip lighting, secured below a high-rise bed, with different lighting fixtures options such as a twinkling disco ball for an authentic and fun-filled vibe pals will be envious of.

Shine on a Desk Area

Attach strip lights to the underside of shelving in an open-plan dwelling room to quarter off a part of the space. Here, a domestic workplace vicinity has been highlighted beautifully, with the mild downlighting no longer solely searching elegant however offering practical challenge lights that won’t intervene with the relaxation of the room when you want to work

Enliven the Ceiling

LED ceiling lights can create a delicate lights twist in any room. Decorative cornices, pics rails or ceiling coving will residence the LED strip lights and provide a streamlined downlight. The coloration desire will make a distinction to the room style; gentle white or yellow can seem to be warming and ornate, or choose for navy blue for a extra modern and daring feature.

Highlight Kitchen Design

kitchen cabinets led lights

While LED colorful lights connected to kitchen cupboards and plinths are a pretty frequent sight however why now not up the luxurious by means of including extra LED bulb strips into the curve of J-pull drawers and cupboards? This appears specially fantastic blended with gloss surfaces due to the fact the reflective end bounces the mild and creates a glossy and modern-day shine.

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