Creative Home Lighting Ideas

LED lights are an amazing technology. They are easy to install and add more illumination into a room. Here are other creative ways you can use LED strip lights in your home.

Living room

The popularity of LED strip lights stems from its flexibility and variable color. Every room in the house can benefit from the subdued glow of a light strip, even the living room. A common method to light up any home would be to light up the ceiling.

Using LED strip light, you can create interesting patterns and shapes on the living room ceiling. An ingenious and beautiful way would be to line up the strip lights and create a border for a false ceiling to accentuate the otherwise smooth surface.

Similarly, if you have awesome art displayed in the room, you can use led strip lights to illuminate it. Just stick them along the border of the painting to create a fantastic glow around the artwork.

living room led strip light


Of course, LED strip light would fit right in somewhere personal like the bedroom. Creative teenagers started using strip lights as a trendy night light and soon became decoration in most bedroom as a sort of lighting. LED strips not only can be strung up within the ceiling molding to add a softer light into the room, but also can be used to create an amazing under glow for the bed.

bedroom led lights


When we’re cooking or preparing food, we need bright light in order to see properly. So you would think the kitchen would be a bad place to install a light strip but you’re wrong. LED light strips come in a variety of colors and brightness and they can be used as additional lighting for dark corners in the kitchen. For example, you can put LED strips under the cabinets to give your workspace even more illumination

kitchen creative lighting


If there is one place at home that could use LED light strips, it would be the garage. You can install LED strips underneath cabinets and directly onto trusses to give the space a clean and modern look. What’s great about these LED lights is, they are fairly inexpensive, cutable and linkable.LED strip lights can be cut into small sections every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks if you don't need such a long lights. Or you can buy more led strip lights to connect freely with other strip lights if you need longer lights.

Library and Entertainment

If you are a fan of books and boast collection in your home, why not highlight your book shelf using LED strip lights. It’s a simple matter of putting a strip underneath each shelf so browsing through the titles is easy and convenient.

If you don't want to read, finding entertainment watching TV or playing video games, then you’ll love the effect of putting an LED light strip behind the TV. It will accentuate the watching experience without disrupting your view pleasure. And when not in use, the soft glow behind the TV creates a wonderful effect.

The tips listed above are only mere suggestions. What’s amazing about LED strip lights is their versatility and ease of installation. You can use it however you want in almost all situations where you need additional lighting or just accent lighting for aesthetics purposes. 

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