Home Theater Design Basic

Home theater is an exclusive space for individuals and families to entertain themselves as they wish without worrying about outside interference. Not only can you avoid high ticket prices, but you can also customize your own ideal theater.

But watching a movie is something that requires specific lighting effects to create an immersive feeling. Although, the experience of watching movies in the cinema can be said to be one of the best of all ways to watch movies. But if you do perfect lighting in your home theater, you can have a cinema-like viewing experience at home!

home theater design basic

The viewing environment to achieve the "black, empty, quiet" three basic requirements.

In an empty environment to create a grand sound field, and will not interfere with our viewing line of sight, so try not to place other thing in the room except seat, so as not to affect the sound.

"Quiet" is to isolate the interference noise outside the house, while the house can not have any extraneous noise, so that the house to retain the pure sound of the film, so that we can devote ourselves to the film.

The "black" is the requirement for the lighting environment. In the absence of light interference, the low brightness of the environment, more clear film images, vivid colors, we look comfortable. So indoor lighting is as close as possible to the effect of the cinema. But for the home theater, moderately dark ambient light than completely dark, more to improve the appreciation of the home theater effect.

That's because in the surrounding darkness, the bright TV screen and the dark background to form a strong contrast, will make us after a long time of viewing visual fatigue, eye damage. So choose the warm color of the light just integrated TV screen light color, so that the whole viewing environment more warm, pleasant. In addition, to isolate the outside light, so that the viewing effect is better.

home theater lighting

Use LED lighting to decorate the home theater. You can use LED strip lights in many different ways—from screen back lighting to lighting under furniture. Most have adhesive backings for easy installation, has RGB(Red, Green, Blue) and white, 16 multicolored options and so many static and dynamic color modes,5 grades brightness from dim to bright can create your own mood lighting ambience. the WiFi led lights are synchronized with any rhythm music, colors and speed automatically adjusted base on the rhythm and melody,or beats of music or hands claps.

Proper home theater lighting is just as important to the space as your selection of equipment. It is an essential part to defining the space and creating the right ambiance. Whether you’re designing a dedicated home theater or a media room, how the room is lit plays a crucial role in the way people feel from the moment they step inside!

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