Smart WiFi Lighting For Your Home

Smart lighting technology is on the rise and the options on the market are expanding, making it much easier for anyone to controle their home lights with voice.To understand more clearly, lets take a look into this smart technology and find the best way to enjoy smart colorful lighting.

What is Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting can be controlled through an phone APP, usually on your Apple or Android phone. These apps enable you to change brightness, color, scenes and set timers for your lights.

Is Smart Lighting Worth it?

Many beginners ask if the technology will become obsolete after few years. Looking at the rise of voice assistants and the technology improving,I think that smart LED controllers are still the best popular items.

Not only will smart lighting be extremely convenient in those sences like fumbling around in the dark for a light switch or remote, but it also increases quality of life and happiness. If you still need a little convincing…check out the added benefits and features to our smart controller below.

The New Standard for LED Strip Lights

If the idea of controlling your lights from your phone or voice-assistant isn’t a cool enough concept on its own, you should look at these other helpful features that these WiFi LED strip light have.

Set Smart Lights on a Timer

set a schedule for lighting

The WiFi LED controller app has a lot of different things it can do, like set a timer on your lights. Need your lights to turn on/off at a certain time? Schedule it so you don’t forget. Want to make your lights operate on a normal schedule while you are away on vacation to make it look like you are still home? Set up the schedule and vacation with some peace of mind. All of this is possible with the smart controller within the App.

Control Separate Areas of your Home

Control Separate Areas of your Home

Multiple smart controllers can operate all within your connected home, making it possible to control many different lights around your space.The APP can realize control mutipule wifi strip lights in different rooms at the same time and make it easier to specify to your smart assistant which light you need to control. For instance, label your undercabinet strip lights in the kitchen as ‘Kitchen’ and you can easily say ‘Alexa, turn on kitchen lights’, no need to scramble for the light switch with arms full of groceries.

Lighting Presets

Want your lights to dim down when watching a movie? Do you use a specific color on your RGB Strip lights more than others? Built-in high sensitivity mic,the led lights are synchronized with any rhythm music, colors and speed automatically adjusted base on the rhythm and melody,or beats of music or hands claps.With the WiFi controlled dimmers you can set up to different presets per controller. These presets will be saved so that you can quickly access them with the click of a button or a quick voice command. This is handy when doing common activities that will be repeated like watching movies or changing the color of your lights.

How to Install Smart Strip Lighting

The LED strip lights can be cut into small sections every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks or you can buy more led strip lights.The self-adhesive tape at back is good to solve the strip's falling problem, firmly stick light strips on wall or TV with the extra adhesive clip.12V 2.5A UL power adapter has overcharge & short circuit protection function, safe to touch and harmless to children.

led strip light install tutorial

Install Tips:

  1. Please clean the surface ,and ensure that the adhesive surface is smooth, flat and dry before installing the light strips.
  2. The adhesive tapes are designed for one-time use,please plan the route before tearing off the protective layer of the adhesive tapes,the adhesive may lose stickness after exposing to the air or dust for some time.
  3. The arrow between the remote controller and the strip must be ""Arrow to arrow"""". If the connection is not """"Arrow to arrow"""", the light won’t work.
  4. Please remove the transparent plastic film inside the remote control before use it.
  5. When using the remote control, please uss the reomte point to the black head receiver on the control box, and the remote control distance is 5m.
  6. When you need to cut the strips,please make sure the power off first,and please cut along the scissor mark on the light strips.

If you are interested in buying or learning more, find WiFi LED strip lights below!

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