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If you have discovered all the advantages of the light strip, then you will definitely be impressed by the smart compatibility of the light strip. These LED strip light compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant, free your hands to control the lights,just speak out what you want, Alexa or Google Assistant will follow the order,ssuch as turn on/off, change colors, lightness and scenes.You don’t need to find the phone or the controller, the light strip will be controlled directly by your voice.

If you don't want to talk, just use the smart phone app to control your strip lights. With all apps, you can access basic controls and additional functions, such as changing colors, changing scenes, and timers. The sound activated colors, the creation of custom colors, and the creation or presets of scenes are application-specific. The function of the apps depends on the LED strip you have. Here is a summary:

RGB WiFi LED Strip Light APP:

Change color, brightness
Choose custom colors from the color wheel
Sync lights to phone music
Select preset color scenes (modes), and edit to create your own
Set schedules and timers
Create conditional (if/then) commands/actions

Single-Color WiFi LED Strip Light APP:

Change brightness
Set schedules and timers
Create conditional (if/then) commands/actions

Color, Brightness Control & Music Sync

Control these with your Alexa or Google Home device or through the Alexa, Google Home, or Smart Life app. 16 million colors are available and perfect dimming pattern from 0%-100%. With built-in high sensitivity mic, the rope light can change the color and speed automatically. And it can also sync and dance with music rhythm, which can be applied to any occasions like wedding, gathering or celebration.

led light color controller

Voice Control & APP Control

Smart LED strip lights can perfectly work with Alexa and Google Assistant, you can change the light strip’s color, brightness, or turn it on/off by your voice at any time. Besides, compared with the traditional remote controller, flexible light strip controlled by your mobile APP, you can control the light even outdoor. In addition, multi modes are available for you to choose for different scenes.

voice control

Scheduling and Timers

Control what time your lights turn on and off or how long they stay on for. You can set schedules and timers in any of the three apps. It's perfect function especially when you are prepared for a dating,the led lights can be turn on in advance for a surprise.


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